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The very fact that I live on an island places some constraints on what I can look for and meet, but as long as I don't have a partner I am fully open to accommodating for free in a guesthouse I have heterosexual, bisexual and pansexual female submissives, slaves, masochists, rope bottoms and switches willing to try their submissive side and looking to travel to Greece at any time during the year.

If you want to enter into this lifestyle or find a experienced dom this is the real thing.

A submissive who can show interests in my hobbies is a must, it's a side of intimacy I think gets overlooked in the BDSM community.

Either if this is your first time or you already have some experience, I want to learn about you to both understand your needs and see what you have to offer.Limits: Ageplay, rape, kidnapping, significant abuse (ask me about it), blood (bruises and scratches are fine), needles. I am a flexible dominant and so I really like to get to know my submissives so I can be the type of Dominant they need me to be. I want her to be extremely submissive and let daddy do every fantasy in his head.spanking, hair pulling, tied up etc. I've been a Dominant for about 12 years now, and it's a huge part of who I am. , I want my subs to realize their full potential, find success in all things, and be their best self.If you made it this far thank you again, please send me a PM even if you aren't interested and just have a question or want to talk. Greetings I am a Daddy Dom/ Master who is looking, for a female submissive​/slave online to serve me and do as commanded and instructed . I want a girl who will take it hard and deep from daddy/master. The D/S dynamic is so alluring, like two parts of a whole. I am looking for my forever 24/7 sub/slave..someone who is NM or that can relocate to me in the future..As a Dom I want to be in charge, mold my sub as I see fit and assume the responsibility of taking care of her. Not only that but I will also be at your side while you follow such path, looking after you at the same time as pushing you to go further.I want to take control of you, be aware of each one of your steps and teach you how to serve and satisfy my needs.

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