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I felt like, Shit, I did somethin' right, you know?

You were nice to me." And I thought, Whew, that's good.

SR: "Everything happens for a reason." BM: That drives me nuts. "Everything happens for a reason." SR: Five on rye? SR: "It's God's plan." BM: Well, it's not God's ideal. SR: It's hard work to make something appear effortless. For a two-stopper it saves you, like, eight hours and eight plane tickets.

SR: What are they in relationship to oranges and tangerines? BM: I met him at this Andy Garcia movie I did, The Lost City. And only you and Gilda ever treated me like a human being. You're taking a two-dimensional object and making it three-dimensional. And he says, "I just want you to know ..." I'm like, "Oh, fuck." He says, "I used to work as a page at NBC, and my job was to refill the M&M bowls and the peanut bowls in the actors' dressing room. Even a crap film is really an extraordinary achievement. The harder you try to look for the plan, the more inexplicable things become. You know, I worked with Frances Mc Dormand [frequent actress in the Coen brothers' movies and wife of Joel Coen] in Moonrise Kingdom. There's the Dreamlifter [Boeing 747 Large Cargo Freighter]. It's part of the plan, but if no one acts in the moment of possibility, then it devolves into "Well, then I got hit by a car. Well, everything happens for a reason." Someone should make a sketch about it. SR: It makes me think of the Coen brothers' movie A Serious Man. BM: It's easier to watch because you don't get worried.

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And now, like myself, he's had a second life as an actor.

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