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It is here where they both get exposed to a yet-to-be-explained substance that gives them their powers.

Special thank you to Triangle Fire and Panic Manor, both of whom kicked ass.As a special thank you to those who've been voting every day, we will be releasing a new song on both our Reverb Nation account, and our Rockstar Uproar account!Stay tuned for the new track and keep voting, and we'll see you at Uproar!Due to a series of miscommunications and unfortunate coincidences, this show almost didn't happen at all.But thanks to the amazing folks at Caledonia, our awesome friends, and some terrific (and accommodating) musicians, it came together at the last minute and ended up being amazing. This coming Monday, we are hoping to repeat the success with less of the stress. 03/07/2012 - Exciting news for all those who (like me) rarely ever carry cash!

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