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This question comes up a lot in my current ministry, too, usually in the form of a single friend feeling guilty for not being attracted to an otherwise worthy romantic candidate.I usually tell friends they shouldn’t feel guilty for not being attracted to someone—but they shouldn’t think the matter is necessarily settled, either. This is, in fact, God’s ideal for us even in eternity.It’s her wisdom, patience, forgiveness, grace, diligence, and other internal qualities that make our marriage work.It is important that you are attracted to your spouse.” As if something appalling had been said, we collectively turned to the youth minister, who had been quietly backing away from the conversation.With an uneasy smile, he said, “Well, you can make a pretty girl spiritual, but you can’t make a spiritual girl pretty.” looks matter?I know that’s not always the case, so don’t rule someone out based on appearances (either way).

But, it is likely still the first thing you consider when meeting someone and deciding whether you might be interested in dating them.While beauty is a depreciating asset, most other positive traits—wisdom, patience, commitment, good communication skills, etc.—are things that can improve over time. Speaking of investments, it’s possible that someone who really does look like a Cover Girl or Men's Health model may be less likely to invest time and energy in developing these other traits.It makes logical sense: if you can get by just fine on looks alone, why worry about kindness or patience or faithfulness?Now, I know some of you are about to get defensive, or maybe even claim that I have no credibility on this subject because my wife is hot.(And I definitely think she is.) But I never said that physical attraction doesn’t matter at all.

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