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Chris Evans has an adorable brother named Scott who happens to be gay.

On more than one occasion, Chris has shown his public support for his brother – without worrying one bit about potential blowback.

This production was about two close friends, one of whom had just died.

The pair had acted together in 2013 film, There was a lot of controversy surrounding the relationship as it seemingly started around the same time Williams announced he was splitting from his wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, who he married in 2012.

He was accused of cheating on his wife with Kelly, but he denied it.

The rest of the play, the dead friend appears as a ghost. You would think the person who plays Captain America wouldn’t be able to do semi-dangerous things like skydiving.

After all, production companies can’t afford to have their star performer out for an injury (or worse). He signs up for additional insurance policies and has adopted a Zen like attitude about life.“What are they going to do? They’d probably cast some new guy at a cheaper price and save some money.”By now you probably have guessed that Chris is no dummy. Not only does he like to look inward, there’s a part of him that is focused on the here and now.

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