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Mike Russell your bro , may he Rest In Peace was taken out by Matt Schrader , he was the driver .

This is the long stemming feud between skeeter , Jody , and rob and goes back to 08 when Jody place got sprayed .

Don’t believe me but the truth with come out one day Schrader has a big mouth and I am not the only one that knows about it so look into it .

Jeremy Estes is dirty and carries the full spectrum of drd fuking multiple women and he doesn’t use protection.her traits in life are being a liar a master manipulator. the ex fiancée has had his plate full trying to live life with out her in it. In fact the end of there relationship was because she had another guy hanging around her and she chose him over her fiancé. for the last year he had the kids every weekend and then whenever they’d call him on the week days he spend those hours with them as well… Her naive friends believe the lies she tells them in order to get sympathy… To her sh1tty as demeanour and her even shittier personality… She may have been an idiot but for f**ks sake at least Randy should know better!!She has beaten him down verbally through text messages through social media you name it she’s done it. That same guy she chose is still in her life but she won’t call him her boyfriend cause she just keeps him around for Drugs and I’d assume sex. he’s the one who takes them out to all the appointments cause she doesnt have her license… from her filtered selfie photos which don’t help at all. If you were a real MAN, you’d have something to show for your miserable life…You may hear sh1t on the street but I know 100% he was behind it because he told me and bbm me the night it happened . Numerous tips hit crime stoppers but it’s funny anytime Schrader is in trouble he skates ??Like him meeting with Kun kun and Jones at the casino before Larry and bacon got hit .

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