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There is a large body of Cherokees in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.In fact, there is a colony just west of Fort Worth near Weatherford, Texas of about 1,200 full blood Cherokees from southern Adair County, Oklahoma.There is one "block" of Indian people who live in the Cumberland region of Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia and southern Ohio who refer to themselves as Cherokee.It is this group which I would like to examine in detail, but I would like, also, to look at the whole spectrum of groups who refer to themselves as Cherokees.

There are probably, altogether, of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, some 4,000 Indians who are resident on the Qualla Reservation and in the Cherokee settlement near Robinsville.The area of the Cherokee Nation was restricted largely to northern Georgia and northeastern Alabama by 1820.In 1838 most of these Cherokees were removed to the Indian Territory, now Oklahoma.There are Cherokees of Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, for instance, in the Flint area.This above population is, by and large, all the Cherokee Indians who have a connection to the legal Cherokee tribe now living in the eastern United States.

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