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And you, I'm pretty sure, are doing what you supposed to be doing: helping humanity, opening your inner world to us. :) My question: How do you see a way to teach children, and young people in general, to deal with the subject of sex gender? There was an episode of This American Life recently in which a transsexual (F-M) talked about his experiences with testosterone therapy -- how his perceptions of women changed from "she seems interesting" to "man, I'd love to grab her and…" It would be great if you could give some of the unique insight you have on these sorts of perceptions, like a modern-day Tiresias.

(personally, I think its the only way to break any taboo...) Hi. Looking forward to reading your insights on this blog. Calpernia First of all Thank You for showing that Transpeople can be smart,witty,and intelligent!

Maybe he is just a compassionate, sensitive man on the inside.

Are transsexuals people that don't fit the tradition and so change their bodies to fit what society says they must be based on their personality traits and how those traits are arbitrarily classified as male or female in cultural thinking?

All of these issues are closer to home for the average American than you might think.We're heading to a new age, I truly believe on that.It wont be fast and effortless, it will require a lot of work from everyone, and it will take quite a long time.I'll try to answer to the best of my ability, but remember, I'm a person with feelings and boundaries just like you. I'm a very fan of science and everything related to it.And I would like to congratulate u for your work and courage to bring all this to the surface with honesty.

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Gender is not a social construct, but a biological one.

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