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As women's rights and freedoms became more secure, the very foundation of marriage shifted from its historic role of providing for "security, stability and raising children" to meeting each other's needs for "love and intimacy." American women born from the sixties to the present increasingly wanted to be married to a best friend in whom they could confide, connect emotionally and physically, and pursue shared values and interests. These rulings together with individual state recognition of same sex marriage has led more than 250,000 couples to wed in the United States.It's not surprising that the significant shift in the basis of marriage led to skyrocketing rates of divorce, as there was little training to prepare couples with the knowledge and skills that are vital to sustaining relationships based on love and intimacy. Supreme Court, appeals courts have ruled that the right of same sex couples to wed is not given by voters or elected officials, but granted and protected by the U. With same sex marriages approaching one percent of all American marriages and increasing annually, new tests emerge for proponents of marriage equality, particularly the challenge of sustaining marriages that begin with falling in love (that's the easy part), but are sustained and nurtured by commitment and practical skills to navigate the very normal challenges that face nearly all long-term love relationships.Private Sex Pictures And Photos Of Real Moms, Ex Wives and Mature Girlfriends!These Horny Moms So Sexy And Dissolute, They Happy To Show You Big Boobs and Amazing Butts!the distance between us has grown to the point we don’t communicate.I have considered separation in our failure to resolve past trauma in our relationship ...The consequences can be, and often are, multi-generational.PAIRS for Love, for Life classes give engaged, committed and married same sex couples tools for greater relationship resiliency and opportunities to remain a pleasure in each other's lives so that "can do," and "we do," also includes a "will do" that stands the test of time.

Geared towards committed, engaged or married same sex couples, PAIRS for Love, for Life classes deliver helpful, evidence-based skills for improving communication, resolving differences, and ensuring life partners have the best chance of remaining an ongoing source of pleasure in each other's lives.

Although many same sex couples have participated in PAIRS classes over the past 30 years, PAIRS for Love, for Life was launched specifically to offer gay and lesbian couples who are increasingly able to marry the best opportunity to keep the flames of love burning bright over the course of a lifetime.

Participation in the PAIRS for Love, for Life class meets the requirements of Florida's Marriage Preparation and Preservation Act, including providing a discount and expedited issuance of marriage licenses in Miami-Dade, Broward and many other counties throughout the state.

First Borns Find Middle Borns a Paradox The first born who marries a middle born should first take comfort in the fact that middles have the best track record for building a lasting marriage.

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