Asian men dating problems

Check out Hari Kondabolu pointing out social injustices. Check out Beau Sia’s passionate “Asian Invasion” on HBO’s He doesn’t look weak or timid to me.When strong images of Asian-American men are practically invisible in mass media and their penises are supposedly invisible as well, this systematically erases Asian-American men from—well—being recognized as “real” men.We should also mention Elliot Rodger’s mass murders of innocent women and his two Asian roommates. His disturbing manifesto included a self-hate for his Asian identity that may have contributed to his rage and targeting of both Asian men (whom he despised) and white women (whom he desired). Thankfully, a whole group of young and talented Asian-American men are redefining the media landscape and rewriting the nerdy image of Asian-American men.Unfortunately, he chose to deal with his feelings of masculine inadequacy with violence. Check out the Fung Brothers, Niga Higa, and Kev Jumba on You Tube.And lack of education is not the issue: Asian-Americans have the highest levels of education in the country where 42% of Asian-Americans have at least a college degree. Asian-American men are having a hard time securing senior-level positions of leadership.

According to OK Cupid data, Asian-American men have an average rating of -7% by women; that’s compared to -2% for black men, -1% for Latino men, and a whopping 8% for white men. They matter because there are thousands of young Asian-American men struggling to belong and just live life without battling insensitive stereotypes.When we categorize someone as a “real” man, we are really just preoccupied with penises, vaginas, and social rules.What makes a “real” man, If “real” men are those who have lead roles on TV and “get the girl” in movies, then Asian-American men certainly aren’t “real” men.(Seriously, any research based on self-reported data, well, is not real research.) Instead, I found mostly forums (“Do Asian men – because apparently, the white female body represented the “norm.” And because racism.In the same way, black men have been equated with larger-than-average penis sizes.

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