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Support Hero By nature Jedrzej identifies himself as chaotic good.In his spare time you can find him enjoying the competitive spirit by playing online multiplayer games. Warm nights spent coding or exploring the city with his energetic husky.However, the moment she steps off the train, things start to go wrong.

Her family was left without any answers—without any idea who killed Helena, or why.Technical Support Hero How do you recognize a speed racer? Kacper might be seen as a quiet guy who supports customers and daydreams about new graphic designs.But what you don’t know is that he loves speed – whether it’s a bike or a scooter, he puts on his high-speed gloves and breaks all possible road rules!Support Hero A real team player, ready to help anyone in need.Although he doesn’t look like it, he enjoys team sports quite a lot – an all-out People person.

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  1. We see them duetting and mating, as well as renovating the nest with sticks and fresh leaves. The nest is getting bigger, with the eagles bringing in sticks to build up the rails, or edges of the nest, and leaves for lining. She then flew straight to a tree in the Nature Reserve, not far from her nest.