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Reynolds himself admitted over the years that ending his relationship with Field was probably one of the biggest mistakes of his life.“I miss her terribly,” he told Vanity Fair back in 2015. Reynolds also explained he wanted Field to star with him in “Smokey and the Bandit” but was told the actress was not “sexy”“I said, ‘You don’t get it, talent is sexy,’” said Reynolds.Alan Greisman was born on September 4, 1947 in New York City, New York, USA as Alan Stewart Greisman.Sally Margaret Field, known as Sally Field, was born in 1946 in California.Sally’s mother was also an actress so it could be said that acting runs in the family.Sally is known for appearing in such shows and movies as “The Flying Nun”, “Places in the Heart”, ‘Forrest Gump”, “The Amazing Spider-Man” and others.

“He would be incredibly touched if she came and they could talk over old times – the good times.”According to the magazine, a potential reunion with Reynolds’ former flame, now 71, could possibly happen.The hallways and shelves are filled with photos that span four decades of Sally's life.In one shot, she beams as her eldest son, Peter Craig, then a toddler, sits on her shoulders; another frame holds the TV Guide cover of Sally in The Flying Nun, a comedy beloved by viewers but the cause of much angst for its star.There she acted with Madeleine Sherwood, Shelley Morrison, Marge Redmond, Alejandro Rey and others. In 1976 Sally acted in the movie called “Sybil”, which gained her even more fame and acclaim.She also became more noticeable to other producers in the industry.

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