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So follow along as he tries to break down complex topics to make them more understandable and useful to the average investor.

The option backdating scandals of the 2000s were initially unearthed through an academic research study.

The practice was entirely spelled out, and nothing was hidden or done money"; for that, they do not have to record an expense.

We should definitely consider the lengths to which a company or an executive went to conceal backdating efforts when meting out punishment.

But let's not excuse these people's full awareness that they were giving themselves and others outsized and unearned potential profits.

Acknowledge that backdating is wrong, regardless of who committed it; own up to your misdeeds, and allow the company to move on.

Similarly, it’s quite possible that overly simple or incomplete processes may give the semblance of this occurring when in reality there’s no negative intent.

We’re raising this as a potential issue in the spirit of helping our clients stay ahead of the curve and continuously upgrade their controls.

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Considering that nearly 200 companies have been caught in the swarm of scandal surrounding the backdating of stock options, more people are questioning whether backdating is really such a bad thing.

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